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Product Description

Read in unflinching detail the chilling memoirs of a serial killer. Step inside his world and bare witness to the psychotic ranting of his tormented soul. Look through his eyes and see what he sees. Slip into his mind and feel what he feels. Experience first hand the utter turmoil of his inner rage, the savagery of his brutal crimes, and the sheer terror he inflicts into the hearts of his unsuspecting victims! To learn more about this book or read a sample, click on the book cover and you will be redirected to - the main distributor of this product.


About the Author

Peter Steele is a recipient of a ABI Golden Academy Award and Gold Medal Of Honour. His biography has been featured in many famous Whose Who's such as The International Authors & Writers Whose Who; Men Of Achievement and The International Book Of Honour to name but a few. Short stories and poems of his has been published in over 150 anthologies. In addition to the paperback novella above, Peter also has many books in ebook format under the pseudonym Asmodeus X at and kindle editions are available on Please note: Madman's Diary is listed as A Cannibal Killer in ebook & kindle format.