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Read in unflinching detail the chilling memoirs of a serial killer. Step inside his world and bare witness to the psychotic ranting of his tormented soul. Look through his eyes and see what he sees. Slip inside his mind and feel what he feels. Experience first hand the utter turmoil of his inner rage, the savagery of his brutal crimes, and the sheer terror he inflicts into the hearts of his unsuspecting victims.

Cloven Hoof (Mark Of The Devil) is set in England and is about Ivan Vaylox – a seventeenth century warlock who, having been burnt to death at the stake for his barbarous crimes of Devil worship and human sacrifice, goes to Hell and makes a deal with the Devil. The Devil returns Ivan to earth in the form of a vampire and from this moment on, it is his task to perform a series of black magic rituals involving human sacrifice. When the rituals are completed, a paranormal doorway through time & space shall open allowing the Devil and his entire legion of foul demon followers to ascend onto the face of the earth and wipe out mankind.

Sigmus enters into the realm of the dead and is challenged to a dual by Nebiros – Lucifur’s most fearful warrior. To Sigmus’s amazement, he manages to defeat the foul demon from Hell and embarks on an incredible, mystical journey through Hades, a journey that will take him into the deepest bowels of darkness, into the lair of many magical monsters & demons and culminate in a ferocious war between Heaven and Hell!

24 Tales of Darkness is a chilling collection of horror stories by award winning author Peter Steele whose stories has been published in the highly acclaimed Horror Zine anthologies TWICE THE TERROR and WHAT FEARS BECOMES plus over 150 other books published by Forward Press – the largest publisher of short stories in the United Kingdom. FULL MOON tells the story of a farmer who encounters a werewolf that proves to be a lot more than he had anticipated; MIND OF A MURDERER takes you on a macabre journey into the mind of a serial killer; DEMONISER sees two gullible teenagers enter the lair of a 300 hundred year old, re-animated corpse who is collecting souls for an ancient demon and many, many more literary gems. Delve into this treasure trove of dark delights but be warned…some of the stories in this book bite!!!

A ROTTING CORPSE is a collection of dark horror poems by award winning author Peter Steele whose work has been published in the highly acclaimed Horror Zine anthologies TWICE THE TERROR and WHAT FEARS BECOME as well as appearing in over 150 anthologies published by The Forward Press – the biggest publisher of poetry in the United Kingdom. This book contains a selection of disturbing poems with graphic descriptions of socially taboo subjects such as cannibalism, murder, rape, incest, necrophilia, sodomy, sadism, paedophilia, torture & mutilation. If you are a person who find subjects like these offensive we strongly urge you not to read this book – YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!